The Excel@Uni Support Programme acts as a dedicated programme for bursary students to receive support for their personal & professional development during their university careers. It is widely agreed that bursaries provide critical financing for previously disadvantaged students to pursue their higher education ambitions. However, at the moment most donors lack the capacity to support these students beyond financing. This lack of support leads to students that struggle to excel academically and students that struggle to develop as holistic individuals who will stand out in their chosen professions. This was a common problem that the Excel@Uni founders noted during their tertiary education. After their graduation, Lungelo Gumede and Ludwick Marishane set out to solve this problem through the development of the Execl@Uni programme.

Most of our students are from historically disadvantaged communities, and are commonly the 1st-generation in

their families to go to university or get a tertiary education. We assist companies that give CSI-based (and some recruitment-based) bursaries to provide these students with the added support they require in order to reach their full potential at university. The Excel@Uni Support Programme is an effective 4-pillar system providing academic support, mentoring, student monitoring and professional development.

Excel@Uni Bursary Management aims to provide bespoke administration of bursary funds for clients that are looking for a detailed touch in the way that their bursary is managed. We provide a very hands-on service from recruitment all the way to fund disbursement. We provide the type of attention which is not commonly found in other bursary administrators.

Some of Our Clients