All students receive extra academic support in the form of private tutoring. This
allows students to engage with the work on a more thorough basis and gives them an
environment that finally allows them to comfortably ask questions that they do not


During the mentorship sessions, the student and the mentor engage on the progress
that the student has made on their personal development plan and gauge the student’s
current state of mind.


Excel@Uni provides a monthly monitoring service, where each student’s academic
progress is monitored and all red flags are reported to the donor. We have developed
a simple but effective academic monitoring system which ensures that students
results are dynamically maintained.

Professional Development

The workshops are designed to develop students professional and personal skills. This training is monitored and discussed during the mentorship sessions. The aim is to ensure that students are equipped with the relevant skills before they enter the workplace

Some Alumni of the Excel@Uni
Support Programme

  • Sinovuyo

    Fixed Income Analyst at Coronation

    “Excel at Uni taught me to be accountable and intentional about the goals I wanted to achieve. The monthly check ups made me conscious about what was happening in my life and to be active in shaping the future I wanted for myself.”
  • Olwethu

    Chartered Accounting Trainee at Standard Bank

    “Excel at Uni helped me to understand that I am more than just an ordinary being. Today I carry myself in confidence with my chin up.”
  • Aviwe

    Communication Coordinator at Coronation

    “Excel at Uni contributed significantly to my development. I was provided with the help of tutors to help with my studies. I also attended workshops which prepared me for interviews, getting to know my weaknesses and strengths, networking etc. in preparation for me entering into the professional environment.”
  • Sinegugu

    Chartered Accounting Trainee at Ernst and Young

    “Through Excel@uni I had the privilege of benefiting from the tailored mentorship and practical insight into the dynamics of the working world. This extended far beyond just receiving advice from those ahead of you, as the Excel@Uni program also gave consideration to the softer issues that could be faced by a student during varsity as the mentorship also included a counselling aspect.”
  • Khwezi

    Trainee Auditor at the office of the Auditor General of South Africa

    “My year at excel@uni was one of the greatest learning curves and blessings of my life. I was allocated a mentor who was not only interested in my academics but also wanted to see me achieve many of the personal goals I had. One of which was mentoring high school students in Kimberley. Currently, I continue to make use of the invaluable lessons learnt from all the skills workshops and sessions with my mentor to be the best in my field and in my mentoring.”
  • Asanda

    Chartered Accounting Trainee at Ernst and Young

    “Excelatuni contributed largely to my out of class learning by providing additional tutoring. The programme also developed my soft skills by providing training such as public speaking lessons and lessons about drafting a professional CV”
  • Khutjo

    Chartered Accounting Trainee at FirstRand

    “Excel at Uni has shaped me to become the resilient fighter of a woman that I am today. Without the program, I would have undoubtedly remained the fearful young girl that I was. I am today a believer in success and it’s all thanks to Excel@Uni”
  • Nhlanhla

    Investment banking analyst graduate

    “For once in my life, I had to be accountable and justify how my actions add value to my career/dream progression. For someone who was raised without question where I dream to be, this challenge was a rare gift. To be able to justify my actions, this meant that I had to utilize time better than my peers- and this very point urged me to accelerate my growth through tougher training and discipline. ”
  • Sine

    “I appreciate Excel@Uni because it encouraged to set goals and helped to keep focused. This type of support has been really essential in my growth and performance. I really appreciate the bursary programme.”
  • Dhriven

    Information Systems Intern at Coronation

    “Short Description: Excel@Uni helped me to understand the importance of critical planning. Through Excel@Uni I received guidance and support academically and always had a mentor to talk to about any difficulties I was experiencing. Excel@Uni made me a better student and also prepared me for the world of work. Excel@Uni also hosted informative workshops that educated me about aspects outside the classroom. Excel@Uni has assisted me greatly in developing holistically”
  • Lebo

    “In first year, I wasn't entirely sure what my career path entailed, but with the help and mentorship of Excel@Uni, I was able to apply for many internship opportunities and be exposed to the banking and investments, asset management and auditing space, to be able to make more informed decisions about my future.”